Kathy was elected to the Pennsylvania House of Representatives in November 2004 and has represented all of the people living in the 65th

 Kathy lives in Warren and is the proud mother of a son and two daughters and like any other grandmother has an endless supply of pictures of her seven grandsons. 

Education Funding

2014 -2015 Funding levels increased over $500 million dollars from last year.

Warren County School District will recieve an increase of $1,336,359 bring funding to $37,345,427 from the state for 2014 - 2015. 

Out of over 500 school districts in Pennsylvania Warren County ranks #23 in state funding.

    Proven Leadership. Working for All of US

    • Fought to reduce spending and debt without rasing income taxes
    • Voted "No" to the $2 billion gas tax increase
    • Focused on job growth by promoting manufacturing  and energy industries
    • Provided effective job retraining programs for local workers
    • Fought for more educational opportunities for rural students
    • Supported local veterans and firefighters, and programs that benefit our seniors
    • Supported initiatives to protect regional Oil and Natural Gas Producers
    • Supported initiatives to create rural community colleges in 11 northwestern counties
    • NFIB (small business) gave her voting record a 100%