Kathy proudly participates in 911 Remembrance Ceremonies
Pennsylvania's 65 District Representative

Thank You for once again entrusting me to be your voice in Harrisburg. I will do my best to represent all of the people of the 65th District.

                                         Thank You
                                               Kathy Rapp

Make your Choice Count
Primary Election Day !!!

Kathy Has Received Endorsements From
National Federation of Independent Business
Pennsylvania Manufactures Association
National Rifle Association
Right to Life Federation

Select "Write-In" when you reach the State Representative block. A keyboard will appear on the screen. Type Kathy Rapp into the box and select "Record Write-In." The normal voting screen will return. An "X" should appear beside Kathy Rapp as your choice for State Representative.
Absentee Ballots are an important part of our election process. They are the only way our men and women serving in our military can choose who will represent them here at home. Information on how to obtain an absentee ballot can be optained at the County Court House.
Some issues like education, jobs, and the economy are ongoing and ever changing and need to be reassessed as our needs change. Others are in their infancy and require much more work to resolve. Updates will be posted. As always contact Kathy's office if you have an issue that needs to be addressed.
As Kathy moves into another term she is one of only a few lawmakers that does not take advantage of perks that are available. She does not drive a State vehicle or use a state cell phone, she does take a per diem while staying in Harrisburg. More information will be posted.
Kathy supports all of the Veterans in the 65th District. From her reconization dinners for our WWII and Korean Veterans, reconization for John Gertch, Pennsylvanias reconization of the Silver Rose, funding for Veterans Service Officers, and much more. Never forgetting those who are now serving.

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Rapp for Rep Committee
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Linda Carlson
% Rapp for Rep Committee
660 Follet Run Road
Warren, PA 16365

Kathy was elected to the Pennsylvania House of Representatives in November 2004 and has represented all of the people living in the 65th

Kathy lives in Warren and is the proud mother of a son and two daughters and like any other grandmother has an endless supply of pictures of her three grandsons.

We hope to supply you with some of the information about Kathy that you will need to make an informed choice of who will represent you in Harrisburg. We can't anticipate all of your questions so we invite you click on the link to the left and ask Kathy directly.

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